research articles

Principal Investigator

Toussaint A., Foster W., Jones J.M., Kaufmann S., Wachira M., Hughes R., Bongiovanni A.R., Famularo S.T., Dunham B., Schwark R., Fried N.T., Wimmer M., Abdus-Saboor I. Chronic paternal morphine exposure increases sensitivity to morphine-derived antinociception.  bioRxiv (2021)

Jones J.M., Foster W., Twomey C.R., Burdge J., Ahmed O.M., Pereira T.D., Wojick J.A., Corder G., Plotkin J.B., Abdus-Saboor I. A machine-vision approach for automated pain measurement at millisecond timescales. eLife 9:e57258 (2020).

Rossi H.L., See L.P., Foster W., Pitake S., Gibbs J., Schmidt B., Mitchell C.H., Abdus-Saboor I. Evoked and spontaneous pain assessment in a dental pulp injury model. Scientific Reports 17;10(1):2759 (2020).

Pitake S., Middleton L.J., Abdus-Saboor I., Mishra S.K.  Inflammation induced sensory nerve growth and pain hypersensitivity requires the N-type calcium channel Cav2.2. Front Neurosci. 19;13:1009 (2019).

Postdoctoral Fellow

Abdus-Saboor I., Fried N.T., Lay M., Burdge J., Swanson K., Fischer R., Jones J., Dong P., Cai W., Guo X., Tao Y.X., Bethea J., Ma M., Dong X., Ding L., Luo W. Development of a mouse pain scale using sub-second behavioral mapping and statistical modeling. Cell Reports 6;28(6):1623-1634 (2019).

Olson W., Abdus-Saboor I., Cui L., Burdge J., Raabe T., Ma M., Luo W.  Sparse genetic tracing reveals regionally specific functional organization of mammalian nociceptors. eLife 12;6:e29507 (2017).

Cui L., Miao X., Liang L., Abdus-Saboor I., Olson W., Fleming M.S., Ma M., Tao Y.X., Luo W.  Identification of early RET+ deep dorsal spinal cord interneurons in gating pain.  Neuron 91, 1–17 (2016).

Abdus-Saboor I., Al Nufal M.J., Agha M.V., Ruinart de Brimont M., Fleischmann A., Shykind B.M.  An expression refinement process ensures singular odorant receptor gene choice. Current Biology 26, 1083–90 (2016).

Fleischmann A., Abdus-Saboor I., Sayed A., Shykind B.  Functional interrogation of an odorant receptor locus reveals multiple axes of transcriptional regulation. PLoS Biology 11(5):e1001568 (2013).

Graduate Student

Abdus-Saboor I., Stone C.E., Murray J.I., Sundaram M.V.  The Nkx5/Hmx homeodomain protein MLS-2 is required for proper tube cell shape in the C.elegans excretory system.  Developmental Biology 366, 298–307 (2012).

Abdus-Saboor I., Mancuso V.P., Murray J.I., Palozola K., Norris C., Hall D.H., Howell K., Huang K., Sundaram M.V.  Notch and Ras promote sequential steps of excretory tube development in C.elegans Development 138, 3545–3555(2011).


Burdge J., Fried N., Abdus-Saboor I. Using high-speed videography for objective and reproducible pain measurement on a mouse pain scale. Star Protocols 2, 100322 (2021)


Inclan-Rico J.M., Kim B.S., Abdus-Saboor I.  Beyond somatosensation: Mrgprs in mucosal tissues. Neuroscience Letters Feb 11;135689 (2021)

Fried N.T., Chamessian A., Zylka M.J., Abdus-Saboor I. Improving pain assessment in mice and rats with advanced videography and computational approaches. Pain 161(7):1420-1424 (2020).

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