The Abdus-Saboor lab will deposit all manuscripts to the pre-print server for biology, bioRxiv, at the same time the manuscript is also submitted to a journal for peer-review. As such, our work can be disseminated to the scientific community in a more expedient manner than the typical peer-review process permits. Additionally, we welcome feedback and commentary on these pre-prints, perhaps allowing us more critique on our work than the 3-4 peer reviewers in a typical journal.

Evoked and spontaneous pain assessment during tooth pulp injury. Heather Lynn Rossi, Lily Pachanin See, William Foster, Saumitra Pitake, Jennifer Gibbs, Brian Schmidt, Claire H. Mitchell, Ishmail Abdus-Saboor. bioRxiv (2019)

High-Speed Imaging of Paw Withdrawal Reflex to Objectively Assess Pain State in Mice. Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, Nathan T. Fried,  Mark Lay, Peter Dong, Justin Burdge, Ming Lu, Minghong Ma,  Xinzhong Dong,  Long Ding, Wenqin Luo. bioRxiv (2018)