Our collaborative paper with the Mishra lab, led by postdoc Saumitra, was accepted today in Frontiers in Neuroscience!


Another huge congratulations to Neuroscience graduate student, Melanie Schaffler, who successfully passed her prelim exam today!


Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Justin Burdge on graduating from Penn today! Justin will continue at Penn, starting a PhD in Biology in the fall.


A huge congratulations to Neuroscience graduate student, Leah Middleton, who successfully passed her prelim exam today!


Ishmail delivered the seminar series at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, jointly hosted by the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry & Biochemistry.



Congratulations to undergraduate researcher in the lab, Sam Kaufmann, who was awarded two summer research grants from Penn for a project in the lab he designed: Pincus-Magaziner Family Undergraduate Research and Travel Fund; Benjamin Franklin Scholars Summer Funding.


Ishmail delivered the Neuroscience program seminar series at the University of Washington (Seattle).



Ishmail delivered the seminar series for the MCD Department at University of California, Santa Cruz.



A huge welcome to Leah Middleton, an NGG PhD student who officially joined the lab today after a successful lab rotation!


The lab’s first dinner outing at nearby Han Dynasty. Great times and great food!

lab first dinner.JPG


A warm welcome to NGG PhD student Leah Middleton who began rotating in the lab today!


Very exciting news for us. After a brief rotation (while already generating interesting data), NGG PhD student Melanie Schaffler has decided to join the lab! Welcome Melanie!! 


A warm welcome to Dr. Saumitra Pitake who joins us from Dr. Santosh Mishra's lab at N.C. State where he used behavior and electrophysiology to dissect neural circuit mechanisms for itch sensation. 


Two more warm welcomes are in order today. Dr. Heather Rossi joins us from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where she completed postdoctoral studies with Dr. Ana Recober investigating the intersection between trigeminal pain and obesity. Jessica Jones joins us from the University of California Santa Cruz as a research technician. Jessica was an undergrad researcher with Dr. James Ackman investigating function and development of cortical neural circuits. 


Two more warm welcomes today. William Foster joined the lab today as a research technician. Will is a recent graduate of Haverford College where he worked in the behavior neuroendocrinology lab of Dr. Laura Been investigating maternal behaviors. The lab also welcomes Melanie Schaffler, a UPenn Neuroscience graduate student doing a rotation in the lab. Melanie is interested in combining neuropharmacology with molecular neurobiology and her initial project will make use of a new application of our pain behavior platform. 


A warm welcome to UPenn rising senior Justin Burdge who joined the lab today. Justin formally worked with me for three years in the Luo lab in the neuroscience department at UPenn.


The Abdus-Saboor lab opens its doors!



Ishmail receives the Mitchell Max Award for Pain Research from the NIH. 



Ishmail will deliver the upcoming Emerging Scholars Lecture at Vanderbilt University.