In addition to, and alongside of, making important discoveries in somatosensory neurobiology, Ishmail is also keen on high-level mentorship towards the scientists he trains, directly or indirectly. In this vein, he aspires to be the kind of scientist-mentor that Drs. Mikey Nusbaum and Ben Barres have become renowned for (ie. top-notch investigators AND top-notch mentors).  On this webpage, he will share documents and articles generated by him, or others, that highlights his views on good mentorship.  Feel free to use or modify any of the documents below that he has generated.

  1. Here is a document Ishmail wrote, with editing by Drs. Mike Nusbaum and Steve DiNardo in the School of Medicine at Penn, entitled Effective Mentoring. This document was shared with Biomedical Graduate Students at Penn for an event termed ‘Mentoring 101: Think Globally, Act Locally.’

  2. Here is an article written by Ben Barres entitled How to Pick a Graduate Advisor to help graduate students decide on choosing the best lab to join for graduate school or postdoc. Students please don’t hesitate - you neglect to read Ben’s advice at your own peril.